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We provide a rural based workforce that allows us to provide IT services at similar rates to an off shore solution. We have the skills and experience to do an assessment of your support services and give you a plan to create an environment where you  can deliver a great customer experience. If desired, we can implement the plan with you. We hire veterans and provide training in the area of IT services. Our high retention, rural work force, is ready to work for you. 

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Application maintenance and support.   
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   Testing services ( all types )

Cyber Security



Your email, web, network, server and endpoint security keep things running. You now need to make sure your systems are secured and monitored 24 by 7. Our security services protect your business from breaches.

A Security and Risk strategy is needed for compliance as well as preservation of your business. How you prepare for and respond to threats will be how you are judged. We are a strategic supplier for several cyber security companies.

Let us help take the risk out of risky business.

SOLUTION RESELLER   CoffeeTree assesses your exposure and risk to your business, and finds a solution.
SERVICE PROVIDER   Monitoring and critical situation management

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Start the conversation.

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Meet face to face.

We will schedule an assessment and evaluation around consulting or services.

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Let's agree to work together. Our goal is that it will be so easy to work with us you wouldn't go somewhere else. 

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We will  will work with you to  come up with the best options  to in-source, outsource, and resource.

As your business grows, your needs may as well. We offer many services to our clients and are happy to adjust service options, as you see fit.



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